Instructions for snowboarding/skiing

Easy as easy to ride bicycles!

Learning how to ride a board (or to ski) is similar to learning how to ride a bicycle! If you believe that you are going to stand up and ride down that slope, you can do it! One of the most important and crucial things about learning how to ski/snowboard for the first time is, you shouldn’t be afraid of falling down. It’s all about the learning process. On the plus side, unlike riding a bike, you’re falling down on fluffy snow!

Once you get the swing of things, you’ll be a professional flying down the hills in no time!

♣[ I STRONGLY recommend beginners to watch the videos posted below. This will teach you some proper techniques, including how to fall down properly, stand up without hurting yourself etc ] 유튜브 강습 비디오도 한 번 봐주구요! 안봐도 상관없이 훌룡하게 가르쳐 드립니다!!!






Beginner Skiing Lesson #1-1 – Getting Started and Equipment
We will help you to get the right size of board and boots for you.

[♣ Step 1: Choose proper gear] 적당한 장비 고르기

-will be prepared by the rental shop

-you’ve already provided your height and foot size, so there will be gear already arranged for the beginners (they will also do a fitting with you to make sure things fit properly!)

[♣ Step 2 choose proper slopes] 적당한 슬로프 찾기

-We will choose a fitting slope for the beginners. This means, you have time to practice all together and watch out for each other.

-The best thing is to try and try! FIGHTING~!

-Instructor and some other experienced members will be around to instruct, guide and help you for 1-2 hours.

[♣ Step 3 enjoy your time!] 즐거운 시간 보내기

-when you finally feel comfortable to do things on your own, you can go check out other slopes!

♣ SAFETY 안전사항 : J-turn slide for Snowboard, S-line for the Ski. going straight is the main reason to crush to others and the accident.

Ski/SB and soccer is the sports that get the most injury among all the popular sports except some more in extreme sports.

[♣ HOW TO PACK] 즐거운 시간 보내기
❂ Zip your pocket!!! do not lose your valuable things! Lift ticket(not issuable again)
❂ prepare snacks (I suggest for you to keep some snacks in pockets when you are on the slope for the long ride of lift)

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