Jeju Trip Lunar New Year Holliday(Feb,15~18)

TITLE : Jeju Island Fantastic 4day Exploration,All around Jeju Island, Fantastic Optional : Snow wonderland Hallasan hiking(for free),
All included : Waterfall,Crator,Tangerine Picking,Deep seafishing,Forest,Loveland,Lava tube And Ocean-view Hostel

Hi~ All!

Seoul Hiking Group take you to magical fantastic Jeju Island for 4 days during the Lunar New Year Holiday~!

Even in winter,Jeju island is kind of magical! You can enjoy lovely sunshine in daytime like spring! Camellia Flower Blossoms everywhere! yellow rape blossoms and vibrant tangerines scattered throughout Jeju!

In the middle of Jeju, there is a snow-capped con type of volcano Halla mountain and above 1,000 meters high of mountain, snow covered make awonderful snowland, We can enjoy sledding natural slopes in horse farm!

Jeju compared with main land, it has so different vibes due to volcano formed island,many people said it’s not like Korea.It has local food,accents,forest,seacoast and beach!

This trip would be the best well-organised trip to Jeju with the most affordable price as we goes frequently and regularly to Jeju and we know the best way how to explore huge Jeju(jeju is 3 times bigger than Seoul and has the tallest mountain in the middle) and get the best deal of group discount for every experiences(horse riding, submarine) and take you all the secret and wonderful places ~!
We have a lot of experience exploring this island. We will show you all the great spots and show you everything that Jeju has to offer!

Please,don’t miss this trip and have a great time on 4 day special holiday trip~!

This trip will cost 305,000won(Early Bird till Jan,6th). This covers:

♣ Round-bus (Seoul<->Wando Island),Round Ferry (Wando Island<->Jeju)

♣ Ocean view beach pension or a guesthouse
– bunkbed of dormitory room by request
– a room per 4 -6 people by request
– entire flat for a group of 8 ~ 10 person by request

♣ UNESCO World Nature Heritage sites & Must-go places Bus Trip For 3Day (Snacks Jeju water, tangerines, Chocolate, etc, covers all entrance fees for the bus trip ( Mangjang cave, Sunrise Peak, Jeongbang Waterfall, Bijarim Forest,Tangerine Museum, Loveland)

♣ 4 breakfast meals provided
♣ 40% more Group discount activities! Submarine, Horseback riding, Deep seafishing

♣ Guided Winter wonderland on Mt. Hallasan on Sat (optional) (Crampons,hiking snacks will be provided, chartered bus with a guide)

♣ Take you all the 3 places of UNESCO World Nature Heritage in Jeju!
– Hallasan, Seongsan ilchulbong crater, Manjanggul cave

♣ A truly exciting and unique experience to visit Jeju!
– Biggest Nutmeg tree forest in the world. ,800 ~ 1,000 year old trees forest
– Jeongbang Waterfall that falls straight to ocean only in Asia!
– Oedolgae stunning rock seacoast
– Green tea fields, one of big 3 in korea

♣ Optional activities with group discounted price
– Horseback riding (15,000 -> 9k won)
– Udo island submarine tour! (55,000 -> 39k )
– DEEP SEA FISHING ,fish BBQ,sasimi!: 22,000won

[♣ Ferry] It’s a real journey

* Ferry trip: We will take the midnight bus down to the ferry.

We can enjoy sleeping on the bus and wake up to a picturesque ocean. As we smell the fresh sea, we can walk around and enjoy coffee with muffin.

* Cruise ship : possible to sleep more, cafeteria, bar sells beer, deck to enjoy the view of ocean

[♣ Weather]

The wether in Jeju ranges. It’s not as warm as summer, but it’s much warmer than Seoul. It’s usually 6C~7C in winter. When it’s bright, sunny and hardly any wind, it would be roughly 15C (especially in Seogwuipo city).This means the weather is almost similar with the spring weather in Seoul!

[♣ Submarine Tour of beautiful Udo island]

– You don’t have to dive in to see under the sea,nemo!
– According to the Gunnies Of World Records, this is considered to be the world’s safest submarine tour for the past 10 years.

– a 40 minute undersea tour of corals, fish etc.
– English guides

[♣ Horseback riding]

– around 10 minutes horseback riding around a track (with hat, vest,a guide)

[♣ Hallasan Hiking]

-in the past 7years that we have been going to Jeju, we have never missed this hike! windy or snowy we will have fun

-We provide and prepare crampons to walk on snow safely

– the highest peak off mainland Korea (approx. 7 ~ 9 hours)

– around 5 hour hike to highest crator in Jeju, Sara Crator(사라봉) possible!

♣ DEEP SEA FISHING ,fish BBQ,sasimi!

-22,000won (duration 2 hours)
we take a boat together and do the bite fishing in the deep ocean~!and after fishing,they provide BBQ with the fish you catch!The experience of having your own fish makes great!
Everytime you catch a fish,it comes different spicies from ocean!Last year, many told me this was the best experience ever they did!
* This activity needs 10 people at least!

♣ How to join

1.Please RSVP to the event and wire the money ASAP. First wired and then confirmed~!
Bank name: Kookmin Bank
Bank account number: 762301-04-223562,
account name: 김승일(Seoul Hiking))

The fund for this trip is 325,000won. however we have 3 different discount! don’t miss it!

A. now- Friday, January 5th: ₩305,000
B. -Friday January, 19th: ₩315,000

♣ Pay on the day ,face to face, Only when spots available : 345,000won

♣ DEPOSIT 100,000won and you have until Friday, Feb,2nd to pay the remainder. needs to pay the rest until 25th,Wed

♣ Paypal 325USD to PAYPAL fee,exchange rate fee) , apply early bird discount 10k won= 10USD

♣ [2.FREQUENT TRAVELERS DISCOUNT] for those who traveled with us previously: If you traveled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:

1~2times/ -₩2,000 won
3~4times/ -₩4k won
5~6T/ -₩6k
7~8T/ -₩8k
9~10T/ -₩10k

♣ [3.GROUP DISCOUNT] when 5 more people of a group can pay together, and email to , then 10,000won per person discount.

♣ Important to copy and modify the following in the event wall:

If you don’t want to post your information on Facebook, you can you can email your details to:

——copy & modify & email–>

1.TITLE: 2018 Lunar New year Jeju Island 4 Days Trip
2. name on the ARC or Passport(or 주민등록증 for korean) :
3.Birthday,YYYY/MM/DD :
4.Gender : Male or Female
5. Phone number(when someone doesn’t have,please put friend’s number, or office number) :
6.Exact time when and how much you wired :
7.where you take the bus at :

(PLEASE, choose one : Hapjeong, Sinyongsan station, Express Bus Terminal, Dongcheon, Daejeon, Mokpo)
8.Activities you will take part in,we need to arrange according to the numbers.(Prepare cash)
A. Hallasan Guided Hike :Yes or No
B. Deep seafishing with BBQ or sasimi :Yes or No

——copy & modify & email–>

You can go to any bank and ask banker that you need to transfer money
You can use also use any ATM machine with card or you CAN ASK to your co-workers and friends.


1050PM Hapjeong, out exit8,
1110 Sinyongsna station,(신용산역),exit2
1125 Express Bus Terminal(고속터미널역),line3&7,9 crossing,out of exit8
1150 dongcheon station in Jukjeon, is not for firstcomer ,check the map below
0130AM Daejeon Bokhap bus terminal
05AM Mokpo Express Bus Terminal

[♣ Map of pick-up]

1ST DAY North&West Jeju, Stay beach accomodation Geumneung Beach
2ND DAY Southern Jeju(Stay at Seogwuipo)
3RD DAY East Jeju ,Stay at Hamdeok Beach

[♣ Breakfast we prepare for you] Temporarily

1st day Breakfast) before ferry,quick bite
– banana,apple,peanut butter jelly
2nd Breakfast)
– Eggs, Muffins,Salsa sauce
3rd Breakfast) Hallasan Hiking day
– leave early 5AM, so quick
– Sandwich making for the hike, bread,peanut butter jelly,tangerine
4th day Breakfast : Sandwich making

[♣ Refund Policy]
(No exception to anyone,any friends.equal to anyone)

– (cancellation fee : 20,000won). You can also save the money for the credit of future trip, then ZERO cancellation fee.

– [Time exception]
* (7days)168 hours ~48 Hours before departure : fee 50,000won
* 48 hours ~24Hours before departure : 50% refund (170,000won)
* 24 hours before departure : you can get back 50,000won to your bank account.


Have a nice day~!


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