Seoraksan trail information

Entire trails

11 Hours hiking

  • through hiking : starting point(Namseorak) and finish point(Seorakdong information Center),crossing from southern to eastern. Highest peak(Daecheong) and pass 3 shelters(Jungcheong-> Huiungak->Yangpok,sell water, snack, trail mix, energy drinks, etc) , 4Hours up and 6~7 Hours down in cluding 5 minutes break every 30 minutes walking(fast hiker, 3 Hours up, 5 Hours down)
  • Temperature change, wind chill feel 4C in the morning, 20C in the afternoon

Preparation :

  1. snacks,
    water 500ml*2bottles(At shelter water sells 2 liter, we can share bottle),
  2. when we start hiking in the morning, long sleeve + warm layer + jacket + long pants + thin glove,hat
  3. after 30 minutes ~ 1 hour , it should start to sweat,
    to adjust temperature and not to sweat too much, frequently zip open/down
  4. at the peak, it needs warm layer and jacket,
  5. prepare warm layer(fleece,jacket) while walking 2~3 layers on top, gloves,hat
  • DETAIL TRAIL INFORMATION : Nam-Seorak -> 2Hour(steep up, difficult) -> Seorak falls(not visible, can hear the sound of water, cross bridge) it’s half way to peak -> 2Hour(stairs to top, very hard) -> Daecheong bong(rightside ocean visible) -> 20 min (descending, no more ascending) -> Jungcheong Shelter -> 2Hour(steep down, very scenic ridge) -> Huiungak shelter( after this,rather easy and relaxing descending) -> 1 Hour -> Yangpokshelter(last shelter to down) -> 2 Hour beautiful scenic river and water falls -> Biseondae -> 1 Hour to the huge sitting budda(restaurants,cafe busy area) , Cable car, Bear statue, Seorakdong information center are all there, meeting spot ticketing gate and in front of KB bank ATM machine)
Kb ATM by the main ticketing gate
there is huge gate by the KB ATM

7Hours hiking

Self-guided hiking,leisurely walk along the river where fall colors are seenable, you can’t get lost, anywhere you walk you will see river and fall colors.

Starting point is Seorakdong Information center (different from 11hours hikers) where most busy area,possible to get information.

Recommend for best fall color,waterfalls,stunning Biseondae to Yangpok Shelter for the 7 Hour hiking

DETAIL TRAIL INFORMATION Main gate(KB ATM , after hiking, we meet there)-> bear statue->cable car,restaurant area->big sitting budda -> bridge->take left(keep walking along the main river from the ticketing gate)->30 min(forest,easy trail) -> Biseondae

At the Biseondae,after bridge, there is a small Biseondae information center, and then keep walking along the river for 2 Hours on well-arranged trail to Yangpok Shelter and turn around. If you have energy , on the way down, there is a fork right in front of Biseondae information center, a steep difficult trail(stairs to cave) for 20 minutes to Geumganggul(cave hermitage).

Please ignore the title ->TYPE A … , Sydney youthtel are not relevant

(also,the trails to Biryong waterfall or Ulsanbawui are as beautiful as Biseondae trail)

Biseondae Information Center with bridge, right after this there is a fork to Geumganggul, Keep along the river to Yangpok shelter
view on the way to Geumganggul

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