Winter Olympics Trip When Lunar New Year 4days Holiday(15~18,Feb)

3 accomodations ( which is close to each Pheonix Park,Yongpyeong Resort and Gangreung)

SPECIAL PRICE 169000won for 3night staying pension including transportation
Surf Comp (1).jpg

자신감(Confidence), 피나는 노력(Effort), 도전 정신(Challenge), 무한한 잠재력(Potential)
Hi~! all!
The 23rd winter olympic will be happening in korea 9~25th,Feb
It will be a memorable winter to celebrate and keep the olympic spirit

And the places which games are happening are diverse in Gangwondo area.
as long as you book with Seoul Hiking Nature Group we we will take you there ,there will be no problem of attending events.

We all stay at pension we rent out entirely 3 different places.
You can pick up one accomodation among 3 which are located close to each olympic stadiums. This make you so easy to enjoy winter olympic with same minded people and enjoy 4 day lunar new year holiday!

Pheonix Park,Pyeongchang (snowboard, freestyle)
Alpensia resort,Yongpyeong resort,Pyeongchang(snow s
Ice Arena, Gangreung(speed skating,hockey)
Alpine Speed,Jeongseon

You can watch olympic games, take part in events happening in town
also, you can enjoy ski/snowboard.Even you don’t attend any olympic sports games, you can have fun all 4 days!

We will arrange daytour and activities! You may not have time to take part in all of these tour,however, we will all get together at night for party! bonfire,marshmellow!
Please, make it sure to choose tour. Date of this tour will be fixed depending on how many people want and we can arrange them!

A.Hiking Tour,free~ (duration 6 Hour) hike up snow-blanket mountain which is most well-known for the winter hike, 5th highest in korea,gentle ascending(crampons provided)

B.Winter Wild Fun Tour,free~ (duration 4 Hour) snowball fighting, snow sled ralley, biggest snowman making, this is so-called our own olympic!, we hike together and find some activities on our own! many more fun activities will come~ and request any ideas!

C.Gangreung Beach & Snow Tour(duration 6 Hour),beach, coffee museum, seonjaryeong, sheep farm

D. Ski/snowboarding Tour (duration 4~8 Hour),lift 30% discount at Yongpyeong 45% discount at Wellihilli Resort, gear rental, clothing rental included, PREPARE CASH ,pay it on the day
fee – Yongpyeong 88Kwon(8AM~5PM),WelliHilli 67Kwon(8AM~5PM

E.water park indoor(duration 4 Hour), 35% discount entrance fee : 35K won all day

F. Pyeongchang Trout Festival, Daegwanryeong Snow Festival ,diverse activities,ice sled,ice skating etc and it has diverse fee 5K~. all you can do is 22K won

– anyone who has a group of 2,3,4,6,8 person can ask for private room
– all accomodations will provide mat,blanket and toileteries(bring your toothbrush)
– Breakfast will be served

PHOENIX Park, Jeongseon Alpine, A entire pension(lodge), walk 5 minutes to slopes,50 minutes to Jeongseon Alpine ski by own chartered bus
– 4 person in a room(ondol, 2 person in bed, 2 person on floor with matress)
– 6 persons room,
– private room for 2 person(extra 50K per day, 150K for 3days)

GANGREUNG,A entire guesthouse beach side, 40 min by own chartered bus to Ice arena
bunk-bed in dormotory, private room for 2 person(extra 50Kwon ,150K for 3 days)

ALPENSIA,Yongpyeong resort, A entire pension(luxury lodge), 25 minutes to Al
– 4 person in a room(ondol, 2 person in bed, 2 person on floor with matress)
– private room for 2 person(extra 50K per day, 150K for 3days)

it needs to be purchased individually at the olympic web sites.
Please check the schedule and get the tickets! and after the buying ticket, please let us know when you book for this trip.So, we can arrange our bus to run for the sports events.

Please wire fund 169,000won for this trip
– please add private room 150K won for the 2 person private room
– please apply 3 ways of discount(early bird,group,frequent travelers, check bottom)

Bank name: Kookmin Bank
Bank account number: 762301-04-223562,
Account name: 김승일(Seoul Hiking))
and make it sure to email below copy&modify

————–copy and modify————-
a.person’s full name who wire money(list of full names when you wire money for)
b.exact time and date you wired money
c.bus pickup near subway station(choose one delete the rest) : Hapjeong/Sinyongsan/Expressbusterminal/Dongcheon
check bottom,the details of pickup

1. what accomodation(room sharing) you want to(choose one, delete rest) : Pheonix,Gangreung,Alpensia
2. what sports you are going to attend(date,time,name of sports) : list all of them
3. what activities/tour you want to join(among A,B,C,D,E,F) :
————–copy and modify————-

♣ BUS PICKUP(choose one) :
7AM:Hapjeong,out exit8,walk 200 meter, in front of KB building
715AM:Sinyongsna station,(신용산역),exit2(from Yongsan stn, walk to white huge LStower,check the map below)
725AM:Express Bus Terminal(고속터미널역),line3&7,9 crossing,out of exit8
755AM: Dongcheon station, exit1, turn around walk 50 meter, EX_HUB


now~ Jan,19th: 159,000
~ Feb,2nd : 164,000
after 169,000 won

BUS DISCOUNT for those who traveled with us previously: If you traveled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:

[버스 디스카운트] 이전에 서울 하이킹 그룹을 이용해, 여행하신 적이 있는 분들에 한해 디스카운트 해 드립니다.

1~2times/ -₩2k 1~2회= 2천원할인
3~4times/ -₩4k 3~4회 = 4천원 할인
5~6T/ -₩6k, 7~8T/ -₩8k, 9~10T/ -₩10k
11~19T/-₩12K, 20Times~29T/-₩14K, 30Times~/-₩16K,

GROUP DISCOUNT when 5 more people of a group can pay together, and email to , then 5,000won per person discount.

♣ Pay on the day of ,face to face, 185K won(only when we have spots available)

♣ Paypal :, 1,000won = 1USD(including paypal service fee, exchage rate fee)
CREDIT CARD possible (request to

♣ Refund Policy
(No exception to anyone,any friends.equal to anyone)
– please, provide the information(exact time and date you wired, bank information)
– cancellation fee :
– 7 day before departure : fee 20,000won
* (7days)168 hours ~48 Hours before departure : fee 70,000won
* 48 hours ~24Hours before departure : fee 135,000
* 24 hours before departure : zero


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