♣ Group Trip-The most commonly asked questions:

Q.) When is the next rest stop?

A.) There is no cabin (toilet) on the bus. So, when we make a rest stop please (please! Please! PLEASE!) make sure you use the restroom. It helps us to stay on schedule.


[Hwajangsil(화장실) in korean = bathroom,washroom,toilet]

Also,when you are at the place of event, all the commercial restaurants,gas station,grocery store have a responsibility to open their restroom for the visitors.So, please ask kindly them “Hwajangsil(화장실)” in korean.


Q.) Where is the trash bin?
A.) Please hold on to your trash in plastic bag until you find a trash bin. Leave no trace.


Q.) What time we (the bus) leave?
A.) Please,check the itinerary on this event! If there are any sudden changes, then there will be an announcement.

Q.) What should I pack? Less bring,More experience,More get~!
A.) extra cash, dress accordingly to the weather and try to pack as light as possible.


Q.) If I already paid, how can I cancel my payment?
A.) There are 2 options:

1.) You can get a refund
2.) You can use it as credit for a future trip (This way you can avoid the cancellation fee)

CLICK below TO REQUEST REFUND -> the timestamp on the request form says the date and time you request the rufund.


Q.) Can I leave my stuff on the bus?
A.) Yes, you can leave your stuff on the bus while on event.

Q.) What happens if I get really drunk?
A.) Please,be responsible for your own actions as drinking can be harmful to spoil your trip.

Q.) What if it will rain on the day?

A.) https://seoulhiking.com/sheer-joy-of-traveling-on-weekend/we-never-cancel-hiking-because-of-rain/

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