Gyodongdo Island Peaceful Biking,Hiking View To North Korea


Hi~! All!
We will have an adventurous,peaceful and gorgeous biking and hiking daytrip to Gyodongdo island which is closest view to North Korea,the han river itself a DMZ zone,however it’s so calm and peaceful ,we can bike along the path of the barbed wire.
Gyodongdo keeps the very rural atmosphere and keeps untouched,off the beaten path, the 1950~60 year style teashop, barborshop and market alley etc !

It would so great to feel the breeze on biking, hiking up the hill to see the real North Korea on your own eyes. And also spectacular view to ocean!

Gyodongdo island is only 3 km away from North Korea territory with ocean where han river meets the west sea.
Historically, it keeps the oldest private school in Korean history, more than 1,000 years old. It used to be very important to trade with china in Joseon dynasty. It keeps the oldest sauna we can see on the hiking trail.

Now, in this island, there is 3,000 popluation and most of people who live here they moved from North Korea while Korean war in 1950 and couldn’t go back to thier home town due to military armistice.One of the most rural, off the beaten path, places to have peaceful and exciting adventure of hiking and walking!

We will go there on our chartered bus and rental bike and carry all around and back up our entire itinerary and lead the trails to enjoy safe trip!

While biking, you can see flocks of birds flying together, open roads there is not even a car, rice fields, untouched reservoir, forrest ,bob-wire fences and abandoned harbor!

Please, don’t miss this healing, beautiful and exciting hiking adventure trip! Spread the word~
♣ Preparation
ID(ARC or Passport or 한국인은 주민등록증) , cash for meal
– You can leave your stuff on the bus while hiking and biking.
– pack in a small backpack or sack, lunchbox,water,
– There will be a professional biking guide and bus driver ,also introduction how to ride safely and ride in a group not to get lost.

♣ Tentative Itinerary
– Rain or not, however, if it’s very strong,we will bike after rain or when it’s weak.
– It depends on bad weather,it might change the time of itinerary however we will do it.

BUS PICKUP at diverse places
In case of you need, Warren 01086069904
[730AM] Hapjeong station, 합정역,line2&line6 crossing, out of exit8, walk 100 meter to TAXI stand
[745AM] Sinongsan station 신용산역,line4, exit2
[755AM] Express Bus Terminal, Line3&line7 &line9 crossing/ Exit8,in front of Shinsegae Department store.- please,don’t go to exit8-1,8-2.

[ Map of pick-up] first timers need to check!

830AM check up the rental bike at shop
11AM Gyodongdo island(connected by bridge), get there by our bus
12PM hike up the hill to have entire view
2PM Biking around island, please follow leader and directions. 30km, about three or four hoursdiverse trails,mostly flat good to bike, harbor, ocean, open road, rice fields, along the river, forest!

5PM finish biking at the local market, walk aorund

6PM departs for Seoul, drop off

♣ FUND 48,000 KRW when you wire in advance,
55,000won when pay on the day
– includes bus, gas,driver fee, highway toll fee, entrance fee, trip leader, bike rental&replace&fix if it’s broke &return bike to shop for you

Spots available until the title says “FULL,NO SPOT”.Please wire money to hold spots for you.

BANK INFORMATION kookmin bank,762301-04-223562, 김승일 (Seoul Hiking)

♣ 3Ways to get discount to promote this event!
all the discounts can be applied in multiple ways. Spread the word~

1. BUS DISCOUNT : anyone have been on chartered bus trips of seoul hiking group, can claim it.First timer : no discount, 1~2 times : -1,000won discount. 3~4 times : -2k discount, more than 5 times : -3k
2. GROUP DISCOUNT When you come more than 4 person, -3k won discount per person.
3. EARLY BIRD discount : -3,000won before Nov,17th

[♣ Confirmation]

After wiring funds,we need information,email it to: then you are automatically confirmed unless there is mistake.

——copy & modify–>

1).TITLE: Gyodongdo Island Biking,Hiking Closest View To North Korea
2).Attendee FULL NAME (if anyone wire money for you, the name of bank account who wired the money for)


4).BUS PICKUP where you take the bus at(choose one,delete the rest) : Hapjeong,Sinyongsan,Express bus terminal subway station

——copy & modify–>

FIRSTTIMER SECTION! Please, read thoroughly below! Thanks
♣ About Safety Guide


Seoul Hiking Group will not be held liable for any risks/injuries involved during your trip. You are responsible for your own safety. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any loss/damage(s) of your personal belongings.
If this is your first trip with the Seoul Hiking Group, please take time to read this thoroughly:

♣ Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits!
♣ Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome!
♣ Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer!
♣ Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People
♣ People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~!

Invite them along and show them all that Korea has to offer~!
Have a nice day~!


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