May,27~28 Majestic Seoraksan And Gangneung Dano Festival,Surf, Biking

Seoraksan May 16th-18th. 3 types of hiking!

Hi~! all~!

Such an great spring days! It’s cool in the morning and evening and warm daytime like summer ,its’ amazingly crisy pleasant day
Seoraksan National Park will open all the trail May,15th and
Seoul Hiking would like to invite you to explore hiking and enjoy
beach on May 27~28th!

We will set up tents or rent accomodations at rather crowded and feel like private beach!
On Sunday, We can arrange Biking along the seacoast to DMZ!
Surfing, yachting and Gangneung Dano Festival! You can choose one of activities or just chilling on the beach

Especially the most beautiful part in Seoraksan, dinosaur ridge
we will guide you to explore the place. CNN the most 50 places in korea,check No8(

Gangneung Dano Festival (강릉단오제) designated by UNESCO as a “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”.

Please, sign up , so we can arrange them according to request!

♣SATURDAY 3Types hiking depending on your interest
A. Type) Chilling relaxing Hike ,Sat,10AM
– stunning beautiful Cheonbuldong valley,temple ,waterfall,cable car on your own choices
B.Type) (12~14km/11Hour~12Hour) summit hiking,Sat,3AM
– hike up the summit Daecheongbong for the sunrise, resting mountain top shelter,stunning beautiful Cheonbuldong l valley
C.Type) (17~19km/14H~16Hour) summit+dinosaur ridge hiking, Sat,3AM
– including B and add the stunning Dinosaur ridge trail
* Preparation for each hiking is different. and extra fee for biking or surfing is different.
-> Please, Click to sign up for hiking & activities

SUNDAY,Activities on your own choices
9AM : Biking from Seoraksan to DMZ
We leisurely bike along the seacoast, will pass by 10 more beaches and harbors almost every 30 minutes, we will check and dip in the beach!
Just wear bathing suits,
Sunday, 8AM : bus run to Gangneung Dano Festival
Sunday,9AM : Surfing (Jukdo beach,Surf town,depending on waves we might change)
Sunday,10AM : yachting on Sokcho beach

Request when you have any inquiries or questions, we will reply right away!

♣ How to Join
Please hurry to sign up as it’s very popular trip,it’s filling up very fast~
Spread the world and bring your friends!

1) Join Seoul Hiking Group then RSVP on the event.
2) Like -> click! “
3) to book,Please wire in advance(78,000won,kookmin bank,762301-04-223562, 김승일(Seoul Hiking)

78,000won includes
– 2 day bus transportation
– buffet with more than 40 foods ( food is good for vegan also)
– Bonfire, Marshmellow, firecracker
– 2 Breakfast, sandwiches or PB&J

[85,000won] : pay the day of (only if spots are available)
[PAYPAL] 75USD to paypal fee,exchange rate) Paypal is easy to setup and can pay with your card

[Bus discount] for those who travelled with us previously:
you’re eligible for a discount.
If you travelled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:
1~2times/ -₩2,000
3~4times/ -₩4,000
5~6times/ -₩6,000
7~8times/ -₩8,000
9~14times/ -₩10,000
20times more/-₩14,000

[Early Bird discount]
Choose your option:
A. minus ₩5,000: (Now) Friday,28th,April
B. minus ₩3,000: 23rd ~ Friday,12th,May

(2).After you have wired the money to my account please copy, paste and modify the following:
——copy & modify–>
1.TITLE: May,27 ~ 28th, Seoraksan & Gangreung Dano Festival, East Beach, Biking, Surfing, Yacht
3.exat time and when and how much you wired :
4.where you take the bus at : (PLEASE choose one : Hapjeong,Sinyongsan stn, Express bus terminal,Jamsil)
——copy & modify–>

[refund rule] there is no exception for this rule to any friends!
when you fill the above,there is timestamp to request the time
* when 3 day earlier than the departure
cancellation fee : 5,000won.
You can also save the money for the credit of future trip, then ZERO cancellation fee.
*IMPORTANT) 48~24Hours before departure : 50% refund
*IMPORTANT) 24 hours before departure : you can use 30,000won as a credit for the future trip.or you can get back 20,000won to your bank account.

– please,click the link for map below for the first timers!
– be there 10 min early,bus never wait for the late

11PM:Hapjeong 합정 stn, Line2&6, Exit8,7/11
1120PM:Sinyongsan 신용산 stn,line4,exit2
1130PM:Express bus terminal 고속터미널 stn. exit8
1150PM:Jamsil 잠실 stn,line2,exit4,walk 200 meter to taxi stop in front of LOTTEMART


♣ Itinerary
– When date gets closer, preparation,map and hiking information will be updated!

Sat,6PM dinner
Sun,8AM Breakfast
Sun,3PM Departure for Seoul

♣ Order online your pop-up tent
IN THIS YEAR, OUTDOOR will be yours with your own tent and sleeping bag!
ORDER YOUR OWN POP-UP TENT (price range 40k won ~ )
order your own SLEEPING BAG (price range 10k won ~ )

[♣ Q&A]
* Please feel free to ask questions. I will try to answer them as best as I can.
Please try to reach me via Facebook rather than text messages and phone calls.
Please take time to read the events thoroughly before messaging me. I work full-time so it’s difficult to answer messages/phone calls throughout the day.

[♣REQUEST TRIP!] And enjoy trip for free!
* If you’re interested in traveling anywhere in Korea, I would love to help you organize it!
Many of the trips we go on start out as a request from our members. So, please let me know if they’re places you would like to visit and I can try my best to organize it.
* If you suggest a trip the SHG has never done before (and we organize it!) you can attend that trip for free!


♣ Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits!
♣ Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome!
♣ Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer!
♣ Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People
♣ People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~!

Save friends from hustle and bustle of city!
Invite them along and show them all that Korea has to offer~!
Have a nice day~!

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