How to get there :  Suyu station,line4, exit 3, transfer to bus 120, get off at the last station Uidong Entrance,


Trail : bus stop -> doseonsa Temple, they serve temple lunch 1130~1230 , try no additive,no preservative food!

-> hike up to Yongammun Gate(part of Bukhansanseong Fortress Wall)from Temple , 1.1km/ around 40 minutes

-> around Mangyeongdae Peak to Ammun Gate 1.5km/50 minutes -> then, hike up Baekundae 0.5km/20 minutes,

-> then, head down to Baekun shelter. -> bottom


I didn’t have pictures from Doseonsa temple.

See! still ice melting some part of valley!




when we hike up the baekundae, there is a human face rock! amazing! yeah~




We hiked up the Baekundae

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