Lakeside Hiking, Bunjee Jumping, Caving!

Hi~ all!

Spring has come!


Weather is almost the best season to enjoy outdoor and nature!

Flowers blossom all around the mountain and street,town and even lakeside!Chungju ho lake has beautiful sceneries and the cherry blossom!


We are going to super thrilling and exciting day trip on Saturday~!

hiking,caving,bunjee-jumping ,excursionship  at the 2nd largest lake(Chungju ho) in korea~!

Every activities on your own choice! optional!

Click below to check the details and how to wire money to hold a spot for you!

FULL.NO SPOT)LakesideHiking ,Bunjee-jumping,Caving, Cherry Blossoms

Saturday, Apr 16, 2016, 7:00 AM

No location yet.

31 WeekendNaturers Went

All Activities are optional! No mandatory!♣ Breath-taking hike at Jebi bong,Oksun bong, along one of the largest lake(Chung-ju ho lake) for any type of shaped people.Lesurely walk♣ Amazing caving,#The best 450 millions year old Gosu Cave♣ Bunjee-jumping,#62meter Highest Bunjee Jump♣ Excursion ship on the lake♣ Dodam 3bong(Peak) and stone gate…

Check out this Meetup →

Don’t miss going on a special daytrip of full activities!





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