Holi Hai Festival! Geoje Island



Hi~! all!
the messager of spring is coming, down south of korea,
when the camellia flowers are full blossoming,
we will take you to the Holi Hai festival in Geoje Island!
We will explore the Geoje island, camellia island,seacoast, and hiking trails!
Holi Hai will be happening at the sand beach ,we all dress with white shirt and throw color power to each other , enjoy the wonderful colors at the sand beach, dancing with the music thumping!

We will stay at fancy condominium all have balcony with the ocean view, explore around island with diverse options! on Sat and chilling at the beautiful sand beach !
Sunday all day fun with Holi Hai color festival!

Let’s welcome the spring coming and dance off at the beach with exciting color festival!
Spread the word! Hurry to sign up!

FUND 78,000won, 3 meals(2 breakfast, 1 dinner),chartered bus, ocean view condo, entrance festival(color powers and samosa)

Bank name: Kookmin Bank
Bank account number: 762301-04-223562,
account name: 김승일(Seoul Hiking))

Paypal 78USD to comingweekend@gmail.com(including PAYPAL fee,exchange rate fee)


wire fund in advance, and fill up the form!
40 spots limited, first wired,first confirmed!
CLICK THIS FORM -> https://goo.gl/forms/Az58RZwzt17TISkw2

[DISCOUNT] 3ways 3가지 할인 방법!

♣ EARLY BIRD never be missed! 절대로 놓치면 안되요!
– ₩5,000: ~ Friday,Feb, 16th
– \3,000: ~ Fri, Mar,2nd

♣ FREQUENT BUS TRIPS for those who traveled with us previously: If you traveled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:

[버스 디스카운트] 이전에 서울 하이킹 그룹을 이용해, 여행하신 적이 있는 분들에 한해 디스카운트 해 드립니다.
1~2times/ -₩2k 1~2회= 2천원할인
3~4times/ -₩4k 3~4회 = 4천원 할인
5~6T/ -₩6k, 7~8T/ -₩8k, 9~10T/ -₩10k
11~19T/-₩12K, 20Times~29T/-₩14K, 30Times~/-₩16K,

♣ GROUP DISCOUNT(more than 5 person) -5,000won per person
– email to comingweekend@gmail.com (list of full names more than 5 people, the EXACT time and date of each person money wired)

♣ [DETAILS] Activities tentative depending on # of people sign up!
A.windhill most popular seacoast to view the clear water with jaw-dropping rock formation(for free,daytime Sat)

B.Sunrise hike, after 30 minutes hiking up, one of the most scenic sunrise with ocean view!(for free,Sat)

C.Camelia Island, it’s occupied and used as a army-base, been closed for 60 years, now it open the beautiful forest of camelia( takes 30 min by ferry. group discounted ferry fee 11,000won only when it pay together with fund, on the day normal price 14,000won, daytime Sat)

D.Hiking trails, the mecca of hiking and it keeps bird eye view all the trails along the ridges and peaks, strech out for several hours, FOR FREE,Daytime Sat)

E.Oedo island, it’s well-known for the botanical garden (28K won, ferry 17,000 + entrance fee 11,000won,Daytime Sat)

F.Holi hai on Sunday, 10K won entrance fee included with color powder,Samosa
– extra power available with couple of $
– add 5Kwon if you need white Tshirt with fund
head to home 230PM after the holi hai,arrival 730ish.

♣ MEAL PLAN : Dinner at Korean restaurant with diverse side dishes(proper for any diet and allergy), BREAKFAST simple bread ,jam, peanut butter, eggs,buffin, banana, apple

♣ BUS PICKUP(possible by request when you have a group of 10 ppl)
1050PM Hapjeong, out exit8,
1110 Sinyongsna station,(신용산역),exit2
1125 Express Bus Terminal(고속터미널역),line3&7,9 crossing,out of exit8
1150 dongcheon station in Jukjeon,
0030 Cheonan Bus terminal
0110AM Daejeon Bokhap bus terminal
[Map of pick-up] must check!

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