Manisan,Ganghwa Island

Ganghwado is the 5th largest island 50 km distance from Seoul.

Manisan is so-called the strongest zen site in Korea, has the altar to pray for the sky in ancient time. We hiked up 12th,Saturday with Seoul Hiking Group.

It was 47 people from diverse of age and jobs, most of them it’s their first hike up in korea.

Mountain is not big in korea, but the trail is a bit steep with stairs, as most of popular mountains in korea has well-arranged trails and some part of trails are big rocks with ropes and poles it’s enough to enjoy rough bouldering.

It’s good to walk with the sounds of birds active and breathtaking view from the top and challenging walk along the rocky trails. It was very windy and made us enough to chill at top and good refreshing air.but it’s perfect to get great achievement after hiking.

We dropped by Daemyeong Harbor(대명항) where we can get fresh fish and it was so cheap too. We ordered some fish stew with diverse seasonal fish and crap-stew noodles,it’s really nice local meal with 10 bucks each to chip in. It’s well-deserved meal.

Spring has come and it’s great to spend time in mountain to hike and rural area to explore and meeting divers people too!

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