Meditative night hike in seoul

Night in mega-town is dreary and getting losing lights.

Seoul is surrounded by mountains and small mountain like Ansan close from Sinchon,Hongdae has quite different atmosphere with view from top and the fresh air of forest.

We meet up regularly 730PM Ewha Womens University Station, line2, exit1, thursdays and say hello to people who just finished school or work from company.

And across the endless noise of shops and the campus of university , we finally get to the trails always empty. We take time to enjoy the serene temple of old tall trees and fresh spring water, budda statue and sometimes with the sound of chanting of monks and the bell of making sounds by wind at the end of roof.

Behind the temple, we walk into the mountain and along the soil path enriched with the fresh smell of trees amid of darkness, we soon get to adjust to the darkness enough to bright to walk the path without lantern.

The buzzing sound of mega-city are still audible over the silence of the forest, it’s like the feeling that we are in the deep water and not annoyed by the hussle of the city.

Sometimes we stop walking to feel the calm and peaceful feeling in the forest,

sometimes we just take off shoes and socks to walk and feel the soil itself and to be in a moment. sometimes we stop talking to feel the wind and air with our entire body.

Sometimes we hug the trees to be grateful that the nature grow so well.

Then, we walk up to the top to command the endless city on fire with lights.After hiking ,we get back to normal ordinary life of cars and shops. But we definitely agree that the nature is amazingly healing and relieving us from the mess of the consumption oriented life.

Seoul Hiking Group is organising this night hike for 8 years and change the mountains regularly but we don’t stop even it’s rain or snow. As we know, the weather is itself to make us grateful to be in a moment.

You can get the information about the hiking on facebook( or,

Seoul Hiking Nature

Seoul, KR
6,307 WeekendNaturers

[UPDATED,Oct,14th]We started activities 2008 and have been organising more than thousands of events and hundred thousands of people getting together in happiness on weekend a…

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SEOUL NIGHT HIKE Gwanaksan! Stunning Night hike! 관악산 야간등반

Thursday, Apr 2, 2020, 7:00 PM
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Taking a rest in the forest


Made it to the top


Campus in Yonsei University

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