Biking Trip To Gyodongdo Island

Gyodongdo island is a islet of Ganghwado island which is 5th largest in Korea.

Gyodongdo is recently connected with bridge to main island and it keeps the 60~80’s style town and the largest rice field and couple of reservoir which is the place for migrant birds.

It has a mountain commands bird eye view ocean and other islands and north korean territory.

Biking takes around 4~5 hours to round the island is the best way to see close and explore every part of the island, most of seacoast blocked with the barb wired fence and along the fence it’s good to ride a bicycle. Some part of the seacoast is the closest point of North Korea, it can be heard the sound of propaganda broadcasting by giant speakers from across the ocean.

After biking, at the 60’s style old fashioned market, to enjoy the local food with local makgeolri was so rewarding!


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