Mungyeong ,Gyeongsang Province is nestled in layers of mountain.

This is such a healing place with green.

The place is very remoted and there is a abandoned old rail trail and now

railbike run along the river with scenic mountains.

When we run the railbike it make the sounds from the rail of old train and it was so close

to touch the flowers along the rail.

It passes through the tunnel and over the bridge and some parts runs fast with descending hill make so much adrenalin.  There are couple of old stations to ride railbike, we went to Jinnam station which is very beautiful and no need to reserve online.The price is also very reasonable with 25,000 KRW(20USD) per a cart which can hold 4 person.

The bikerail run with the help of electric motor ,it’s not even difficult at all.

It runs all day, each riding is for 1 hour.


Video, enjoy the sound of railbiking!