Winter Festivals

Hi~ all!
what festivals should I go?
There are so many winter festivals to celebrate! you probably think like that!
How you could ever know which one would be most unique to show the local food and culture and the exciting festivals of korea! as there are hundreds of them. Lots of festivals doesn’t show the unique vibes of winter festival and just follow of most unique festivals in korea.

So, we shows 4 most unique festivals you can take part in for a day travel!
Winter is the time that snow cover in local town and ice frozen in nature especially reservoir,river and lakes.
The gangwondo area is the most place to see snow, however, not all the place. Taebaeksan is national park and keeps the white snow, there is no artificial ski resort and they celebrate winter with snow sculptures as it’s well-known snow blanket in mountain.
Hiking up is the best way to enjoy, hike up the peak to see the snowed scenery and hike down, slide down at some part on natural snow slopes.
Down hill, there snow snow sculptures to see some of outstanding architectures,figures of fairy tales which are chosen from many participants, even igloo cafe!
The Hwacheon in Gangwondo is the place you can do ice fishing at frozen river where hundreds,thousands of people looking at the hole on frozen river with their fishing rod in. the fishing is not even hard at all as the lure is even to any one to any fish, on their luck of the day, some people catch dozens of them~ the highlight of the fishing is to grill right away after catching and eat them with delicious spicies, even you can try to eat sasimi, raw cut fresh fish.

not just fishing, there are so creative activities all you imagine, bicycling on river? yes possible! also, foot ball too. also ice hockey!
and with ice, there are sculptures like snow festivals, and even indoor ice slide sculptures you can slide~
and the small town literally festive mood with christmasy lights, of course in shape of mountain trout you can catch!

The Pocheon in Gyeonggido, actually right next to border of Gangwondo, keep the vibe of Gangwondo and there is a mountain-top reservoir which is well-known historically of the 1,000 years ago, frozen and keep amazing surroundings of mountains, it’s turned serene ice link.
The ice thick enough to run giant tracker can pull the ice train,especially shaped of ducks, dozens of people ridie on the duck train pulled by tracker and run as fast as possible on the frozen lake and make such an exciting fun. Even just walking around the lake or over the ice to cross the lake make you feel that you are in somewhere alaska or syberia.
The hiking path to an mountain next to lake keeps amazingly formed frozen waterfalls and with the gorgeous fall color leaves hanging on trees the vibes are just even mystical! This festival are less popular than the Hwacheon and Taebaek but howevere it’s great daytrip to feel the vibes of winter!
FEB,9,Mountain Top Iced Lake & Traditional Brewery

And the last is the Inje in Gangwondo which is well-known for the beautiful Seoraksan and the biggest lake “Soyang” and the city holds the ice smelt fish festival! Compared to moutain trout of Hwacheon, the place is definitely much more scenic with wide lake and surrounded mountains.
The fishing of small smelt fish is more like enchovy sized, you catch more frequently and different joy of catching fish.
The way of cooking of smelt fish is more diverse and delicate, show off delicious deep fried smelt fish, bibimbap etc. It’s one of the oldest festival, so the crowd is also impressively big~
FEB,7, Whispering Birch Tree Forest, Inje Smelt Ice Festival

So, now you’re ready to play in snow, catch some fish, look around beautiful sculptures and take part in lots of snow and ice activities!

Seoul Hiking Nature Group takes travelers for more than 10 years in a row and ready to share the joy of winter! Please share and join with friends on these exciting and most fun festivals in Korea!

Team Seoul Hiking Nature

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