The 1st International Hike & Nature Festival 1회 전세계인과 등산 자연 축제


Hi~! all!
Seoul Hiking Nature is hosting the 1st International Hiking & Nature Festival!
We all get together, we hike along diverse trails depending on your interest and then we enjoy food, music, dance and diverse activities.
-family hike along the river for adults with younger kids
-no-hiking-gear-required hike for all levels
-how-far-is-far hike for those who are up to challenge 4 peaks of over 1,000 meters
-competition section :team scavenger hunt, complete the mission while hiking. the goals are related to nature, themed with trees, rocks, leaves, photograph, etc.

After all of the happy hiking, we will have bibimbap and pajeon prepared by the organizer.

More food on your own choice (BBQ, drinks, etc.) music, bonfire, dance

Activities of the next day are river kayak, meditation, yoga.

THE VENUE is 1.5 hour distance by metro(or 30 minutes by train, 1 hour by driving) in an untouched rural place where hard to see any shops. It will be posted soon.

ACCOMODATION, camping is possible, room at pension(hut) in mountain with diverse sizes. We will help you to book.

SIGN UP the fee including bibimbap, pajeon, events, and a souvenir is 20K won ( USD)


MORE INFORMATION( will keep updated)
FAMILY HIKING TRAIL is along the river and well-arranged. 2KM or so.

NO HIKING GEAR REQUIRED TRAIL is to Mt,Sori which means the mountain is surrounded by river and valley, hikers can hear the sound of sounds of water flowing(Sori means sound) 4km/3 hour or so

HOW FAR IS FAR TRAIL is 4 or more peaks which is around 1.000 meter high, some well arranged,some very tough, some trails needs to pass town to go next mountain, great view, can be 20km/8~10 hours or so.Only experienced or in-shaped people who have ICANDOIT.

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