Seoraksan National Park In 3 Types Trails (Daytrip or Overnight in shelter)

Changed: Seoraksan Hike! February22nd

Hi~! all!

We go hiking to Seoraksan National Park and we can’t pass by winter without hiking Seoraksan to Fantastic beautiful snow wonder world!

Can you believe that we can slide down like a bobsleigh for 30 minutes of almost 2 hour walking distance of descending trails? That’s possible only in Seoraksan National Park!
Some of hikers believe to hike in winter is easier because the soft snow paved paths.

That is unbelievable, unforgetable experience!
How heavy snow on Seoraksan? Seoraksan is the kind of mountain it’s snow as the first place in korea and some part of entire trails descending of Seoraksan is snowed and covered by snow, only we can see the top of guiding pole and fence,or entired covered , then what shall we do?
we just sliding down while seeing the magnificent views among the trees passing by!
and the snow on the most part of ascending trails are flattened by numerous hikers.

February would be the best and last month of the winter season to enjoy the deep snow as the Seoraksan ban hiking from March to May because snow start melting and very dangerous

So,don’t miss this we go hiking to see the maginificient,magestic sceneries of the Seoraksan which is now snowed like a carpet and even much easier to walk on soft snow trails and we slide all the way steep part of trails covered by snow,it’s just wonderful experience of natural bobsleigh!
Don’t miss this unforgettable wonderful hiking in snow!

♣ Hiking trails
Here are three types of hiking.
Please choose the best one that suits your level of fitness and taste!:
Please, decide to choose the TYPE and prepare for the hike as we will have daytrip and overnight trip!
Any types can be perfect to enjoy the nature of mountain on your weekend.

[TYPE.A] Leisurely time in the deep Osaek Valley in Seoraksan
– walk around valley for 1~2hour,there is acrossing valley trails,frozen waterfall would be great to feel
– enjoy fresh local food,sulfur sauna,temple visiting.
– No hiking gears are required but some part icy in shady placess.
– Take the own chartered bus back to Seoul at 5PM, arrival around 7~8PM

[TYPE.B] GUIDED 6~7 hours acrossing hike to the top,Daecheongbong and down to Cheonbuldong valley
– This is shortest trail to the main peak and down to Osaek valley
– Ridge hike 4 hours to the top,Daecheongbong
– Seorak Waterfall and Osaek valley hike 2hours,slide down and well-arranged trails with stairs.

[TYPE.C] extended OVERNIGHT hiking trip at shelter

– hike together with TYPE A,decide shelter where we can stay.
– Chartered bus will take the dayhikers to Seoul and overnight traveller will take public bus back to seoul to get more flexible itinerary of time depending on the hike.around 20k.
– need to prepare food.Shelter has simple rice,noodle.
– I can help to provide stove,cooker according to the number of people signing up.

♣ How to prepare:


1.Jackets: 2 or 3 layers are better than 1. I suggest duck-down, warm wool, a sweater,padding jacket and/or a windproof jacket.

2. Pants (2 layers are better than 1!): such as; inner pants (leggings for winter) and prepare training pants for wind break. Most of the trails are flat, but you should prepare just in case some areas are not flat.

3. Gloves: two layers are better than 1!

4. Prepare extra socks in case they get wet!

-> click the link and check it!

Don’t miss this chance! Spread the word! Bring friends~!

♣ How to Join
– We have always spots available except for when title says “FULL”.
So, don’t worry. Join and reserve a spot!

IMPORTANT! This trip is only limited to the first 42 people!
So please hurry to sign up!

HOW TO BOOK, to get updated information, please join the Seoul hiking Group and RSVP for this trip,thanks!

1) Join Seoul Hiking Group then RSVP on the event
2) please wire in advanced
Amount: 28,000won
Bank name: Kookmin Bank
Bank account number: 762301-04-223562
Name on account: 김승일(Seoul Hiking)

– 28,000won includes:
– own chartered bus
– crampons (spikes on shoes) will be prepared in case of snow or ice
-[35,000won] pay on the day; only if spots are available.
-[Early Bird] : 25,000won ~ Jan,31

3) please post copy and modify the following after you have wired the amount:

♣——copy & modify–start–>

1).TITLE: Feb,15, Seoraksan National Park (Daytrip or Overnight in shelter)
for those who came to BUS trip AT LEAST
5times more : -₩3,000
4).SUM OF FEE : basic fee – early bird – bus discount
6). Overnight trip : Yes / No
7).BUS STOP(choose one,we have Suwon,Cheonan stop! this time) : Yongsan station/Express bus terminal/ Jukjeon/Suwon/C heonan)
♣——copy & modify–finish–>

You can go to any bank and ask banker that you need to transfer money to “Kookmin Bank*
account number: 762301-04-223562
Name on account: 김승일(Seoul Hiking)
You can also use any ATM machine with card. Or you CAN ASK to your co-workers and friends for help….

[ ♣ Refund Rule]
CLICK below TO REQUEST REFUND -> http://2url.kr/hXT

* There is a 5,000won cancellation fee for those that cancel 3 days prior to the trip. You do however, have the option to save the money for credit for future trips (avoid the cancellation fee!)
-For those that cancel 48-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for a 50% refund or you can use credit of (50%+5,000) for future trip
-For those that cancel 24 hours before departure you may use 10,000won as credit towards future trips.
*IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund.


♣ Bus pick up at:
– The bus runs on an EXACT schedule.Please,come 20~30 MINUTES EARLIER
– Please, use a RESTROOM(subway station) before boarding the bus.

[♣6:40AM] Hapjeong Station,line 2/line 6,crossing,Exit 8 walk one minute and meet in front of the 7/11.

[♣7AM] Yongsan stn Line1/Exit1 or Sinyongsan stn Line4 / Exit4
(Sinyongsan is NEW Yongsan station)

[Yongsan] station.line1.
out of ticket gate.it will be 3rd floor of the station.
(when you see watermill on the wall,that is the way to exit1)
get out of exit1 toward the square.
[Sinyongsan] station.line4.
get out of exit 4,walk 100 steps till you can see the yongsan station.

[♣720AM] Express Bus Terminal, Line3,L7,L9 / Exit8,in front of Shinsegae Department store.
– there is a exit8-1,8-2.that is not the exit.

[♣740AM] Jamsil station/out of xt4,walk 200 steps to bus stop


♣ About Chartered Bus
♣ About Safety Guide
Seoul Hiking Group will not be held liable for any risks/injuries involved during your trip. You are responsible for your own safety. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any loss/damage(s) of your personal belongings.
If this is your first trip with the Seoul Hiking Group, please take time to read this thoroughly:
♣ Group Trip-The most commonly asked questions:
Q.) When is the next rest stop?
A.) There is no cabin (toilet) on the bus. So, when we make a rest stop please (please! Please! PLEASE!) make sure you use the restroom. It helps us to stay on schedule.
[Hwajangsil(화장실), bathroom,washroom,toilet]
Also,when you are at the place of event, all the commercial restaurants,gas station,grocery store have a responsibility to open their restroom for the visitors.So, please ask kindly them “Hwajangsil(화장실)” in korean.
Q.) Where is the trash bin?
A.) Please hold on to your trash until you find a trash bin
Q.) What time we (the bus) leave?
A.) Please,check the itinerary on this event! If there are any sudden changes, then there will be an announcement.
Q.) What are the room sizes and how to share a room?
A.) Typically we try to fit 3-10 people per room. You are only able to claim a room when rooms are available.there should be a separated women only room.
Q.) What should I pack? Less bring,More experience,More get~!
A.) extra cash, dress accordingly to the weather and try to pack as light as possible.
Q.) If I already paid, how can I cancel my payment?
A.) There are 2 options:
1.) You can get a refund
2.) You can use it as credit for a future trip (This way you can avoid the cancellation fee)
Q.) Can I leave my stuff on the bus?
A.) Yes, you can leave your stuff on the bus while on event. But, as with most things in life, be smart about it.
Q.) What happens if I get really drunk?
A.) Please,be responsible for your own actions as drinking can be harmful to spoil your trip.
* Please feel free to ask questions. I will try to answer them as best as I can.
Please try to reach me via Facebook rather than text messages and phone calls.
Please take time to read the events thoroughly before messaging me. I work full-time so it’s difficult to answer messages/phone calls throughout the day.
* If you’re interested in travelling anywhere in Korea, I would love to help you organize it!
Many of the trips we go on start out as a request from our members. So, please let me know if they’re places you would like to visit and I can try my best to organize it.
[♣ Trip Helper] Wanted!
Wants to be more experience than the trip as a guest,wants to get more initiative, to communicate,help,active , so you can get more experience for you life and naturally help you to improve your life!
As we know,if we want to know more about how to communicate with people and how to enjoy working with people, especially same-minded travellers, it would be amazing chance for your life and your life would be very successful at least to have confidence with people. Once you join trips as a guest and you want to be a role of leading trip,then have courage to apply for as a helper for events.
If you are experienced with hiking,camping,outdoor,scouts,non-benefit organization,adventure, then it would be better but even you just have passion for life but not experienced,no problem. then we still are willing to open to give chances.I also can help you to be a good helper.
Please,email introduction about yourself at seoulhiking@gmail.com
♣ Outdoor Nature is good for us! So many mental and physical benefits!
♣ Trips are open to everyone. New-comers are more than welcome!
♣ Love nature~! Let’s explore and experience all that South Korea has to offer!
♣ Embrace Culture and meet same-minded People
♣ People come together and make life long memories with the SEOUL HIKING GROUP~!
Save friends from smoky bars! Invite them along and show them all that Korea has to offer~!
Have a nice day~!

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