Farm Harvest Day and Camera Cafe

October 3th, 2018

We all woke early in the morning, grabbed a treat from our local train station bakery and swiped our cards for the subway. Coming from all sides of Seoul, we arrived at the Youngmun Station, the second to last stop on the G-J Line. The ride was long, but very beautiful as the tracks follow the Han River. Waiting for us at the bus stop was Britta with homemade gluten free scones!

After a quick bus ride, we arrived at a local farm and jumped right into learning how to make Tteok (떡), korean rice cake, which is a staple of korean food.

We were both excited and surprised when out guide pulled out giant hammers and started to hit a pile of steaming rice!


Our guide explained to us how to make Tteok

We were then handed hammers and told to get to work!

Adorably they also had miniature hammers so everyone got to take a swing!

After the Tteok became firm, the guide cut it up and covered it with a red bean powder. It was really delicious!

We then walked around the farm and stopped at the sweet potato patch. We were handed miniature shoves and told to have fun.

We were handed small plastics bags and told we could take home the sweet potatoes we harvest.
Family digging for sweet potatoes together

After digging for potatoes and comparing our spoils, we went back to the farm house for a homemade meal, full of delicious vegetables.


After a filling meal, we moved over to the bridge and saw the trout in the river. After some hand fishing tips from our guides we all rushed down to give it a shot.

These guys were so eager to catch a fish they discussed strategy and worked together like a professional crew!

After hand fishing, we came together for traditional weaving and games. After some creative fun we sat down for Makgeolli, traditional korean rice wine, and grilled trout. Our guide then taught us how to make korean pancakes with a kimchi center.

We then departed the farm and went to see a waterfall and to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the locally famous Dreamy Camera Cafe.




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