Early Spring Flower Festival & Jeonju Food, Hanok Village Tour

FULL TITLE : Plum(apricot) White Flowers Festival,Cornus fruit yellow Flowers Festival, Red Apricot Flower Blossoms In Jeonju & Hanok Village

Hi~! all!
The gorgeous spring flowers, Plum(apricot) white flowers,Cornus fruit yellow flowers are popping like exploding vivid energy of nature all around downsouth in Korea!

We will take you to the flower festivals in Jeollanamdo(Jeolla southern province) and stay a night in Jeonju!

This trip is officially the first flower festival naturally blossoms, the joy of welcoming beautiful season of spring!
And the Jeonju, there are so many reason to be one of the bucket list in traveling korea!

So ,this trip will leave Seoul early in the morning and get to Gurye, Jeolla province for the Cornus fruits festival (which is called Sansuyu in korean) which is held in a tiny beautiful village with the backdrop of stunning Jirisan, the yellow flowers covers entire village, it’s just magical happy vibes! food stand and local product with the cornus fruits, even drinks!
And we move to Plum Festival (which is called Maehwa in korean)
in Gwangyang, the white snow like flowers are brushed the village on riverside like a cartoon or animation!

After this fantastic happy time, we will move to Jeonju to stay a night! After checking in bunkbed in hostel, we will take you to dinner to taste the delicious local food and night food market tour will be followed! Our hostel is literally 2 minutes distance from the well-known folk(Hanok) village, 10 minutes from the night market, 5 minutes from the local market. It’s really convenient to explore all around the place!

Sunday, after breakast, we will split group into on their own taste and interest, to walk around the Hanok village after grabbing a map at the information center. How about wearing Hanbok(traditional korean clothes) and taking pictures as if a scene of k-drama? We will arrange a rental shop just for us to prepare to try clothes.
After exciting time of exploring the town, before heading to home, we all get together to make bibimbap on your own choice of topping(meat or vegan food) at gorgeous hanok home, it will take an hour to make and taste the bibimbap on your own.
This is not the end of fantastic trip! We will stop by making korean paper which is the most popular material for making craft on our own at the biggest as the single factory, it’s all included

Please, spread the word to enjoy exciting and great chance of trip to visit the local places in korea and welcome spring!


FUND 88,000won : includes
– chartered bus,
– accomodation
– 2 festivals,
– paper making & entrance of museum
– 1st day dinner
– 2nd day making gimbap experience for lunch,
– 2nd day breakfast

Please,click below to see the bank information , fill up form after wire fund.Thanks

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