This event got media attention from Korea Times English newspaper!

When you be on this trip, you will have 4 birds at one stone!

1.DMZ tour – Imjingak Unification Park, The 3rd infiltration tunnel, Dora Observatory, Dorasan Train Station, Tongil-chon Unification Village
Details about the places are at the bottom.

2.Hearing from a defector about the real life in North Korea, economy, society, human right, school days,etc.

3.Helping defector to have their normal life(role,job) in korea as a member of society.

4) OPTIONAL DINNER ,6PM,AFTER DMZ trip, Original North Korean cuisine in Seoul you can take part in as you want (Optional, cash on the day)
– no chemical additives, really delicious!
– The chef and owner works for human right of N.K and gave speech in UN in front of Michelle Obama got nominated as a The Most Powerful Women by U.N
– we order small of every dishes and share them together and split the bill! (it should be around 10K won)
– there are dishes for veggies.

imjingak unification parkdmz-trainpeace ribbons dmzimjingak train remains dmz
Hi~! all!

This trip take you to the Imjingak area and the 3rd infiltration tunnel in DMZ.
There will be a North Korea defector on this trip who is working for the foundation of helping north korean youth to find jobs and life.
We will have time to hear their real life in N.K(North Korea) and S.K(South Korea) especially about usual life as a citizen,not just too much political propaganda! It will be very surprising that you hear defector having ordinary life which would be quite different perspective through media!

[♣ Time with a defector on this trip] 이번 여행에는 탈북자가 함께 하면서 그들의 북한에서 그리고 남한에서의 생활을 이야기합니다.

This event got media attention from Korea Times! Please read to get more about this event!

1. free introduction from defector
2. Q&A session
– before coming to trip, please google “north korea defector”then you can find many articles, blogs, youtube, and TED and learn about the reality of north korean, especially the human right in N.K and in S.K.
Then it would be way better to have good conversation to make a joyable trip!

* This event ,we help a well-known defector as a first speech at TED as a N.K defector and she gave speech in many organisations such as Oxford Univ, etc. She is now preparing to set up an organisation to help young N.K defectors in S.K to adjust life here. We will have a member(s) from the organisation.She herself is not showing as she is not in korea now as she is working in U.S

[♣ This event is limited 40 people] 40명 제한, 한국인도 참석 가능합니다. Korean can join this trip!

♣ Funds : 45,000won goes to pay for round bus, bus driver, gas, express fee, scooping out, booking, group discount, SHG administration,ENTRANCE FEE, tour to DMZ area, English guide, translation helper for defector

BANK INFORMATION(* Bank name: Kookmin Bank,* Bank number: 762301-04-223562, 김승일 (Seoul Hiking)),

♣ AFTER WIRING MONEY, below link to get to know about detail information to enter DMZ. Must bring ID(ARC) or Passport or 주민등록증 한국인, Thanks



[♣ Imjingak Unification Park Tour]

We will have time to lunch at the observatory toward DMZ. Imjingak (임진각), located 7 km from the Military Demarcation Line, is now at the forefront of tourism related to the Korean Conflict. It was built in 1972 with the hope that someday unification would be possible.

Three-storied Imjingak is surrounded by several Monuments, Unification Park and North Korea Center.

400 kinds of photos and documents showing the stark reality of North Korea are displayed in the North Korea Center of Unification Board. Outside Imjingak, there are 12 kinds of tanks and crafts on display that were used during the Korean Conflict. Mangbaedan, which stands opposite of Imjingak, is famous for the place where people from North Korea visit and perform ancestral rites by bowing toward their hometown every New Years Day and Chuseok. The Bridge of the Freedom, South Koreans crossed when they came back to their mother country from North Korea, stands behind Mangbaedan. In front of Imjingak, there is the Gyeongui Train Line which was destroyed during the Korean Conflict in 1950. It has been under construction since 2000. Every year many events for unification are held at Imjingak. Imjingak is now one of the famous tourist spots for foreigners in Gyeonggi-do Province because it is possible to visit without going through any security check points.

[♣ DMZ Tour]

– You need to bring snacks to have while tour or you can get some at snack bar inside.
– they will take you to the places below or reverse turn.
(all the details of the places are below,please check more! thanks)

1) The 3rd infiltration tunnel

Movie 10 minutes,
as soon as arrive at the parking lot, there is a theater to show a moive the document of war, then, walk into the tunnel.Walking is a bit steep down for around 10 minutes and walk around 5 minutes to see the other side where the NK made.

It would take around 1 hour including watching documentary and get on the bus.

2) then,Dora Observatory
You can see the DMZ over all and North Korea, there will be brief explanation from Army.It would be around 30 minutes.

3) Dorasan Train Station
You can get passport stamp and be brave to take pictures with soldiers!

4) Tongil-chon Unification Village tour (Souvenir shop where you can buy) Then, the bus go out of the DMZ and to the Imjingak park,then

you can see the other part of the park where you can see art pieces over the hill. this is good chance to see the unique place in the world for the peace!

Spread the word~! don’t miss it!

[More Details of DMZ tour] takes 2~3hour.all the tour company has to go thses designated places.

♣ 1.the 3rd infiltration tunnel (and watch a documentary film)

The 3rd Tunnel was discovered on October 17, 1978. It is located 52km from Seoul.The Third Underground Tunnel is built by North Korea and founded in 1978. It stretches over 1.6km with 2m in height and width, capable of mobilizing 30,000 troops in one hour. When this tunnel was first discovered, North Koreans insisted it was made by South Koreans in a plot to invade North Korea. However, this theory proved eventually to be false. (We can see the proof by walking into the tunnel) In front of the tunnel are a variety of attractions such as the DMZ Media Hall (offering the history of the divided country and flourishing ecosystem in the Demilitarized Zone), DMZ Exhibition Hall (displaying relics and documents related to the Demilitarized Zone), sculptures, and souvenir shops.

♣ 2.Dora Observatory

Situated in Paju (Gyeonggi-do) and at the northernmost point of the Military Demarcation Line of the Western Front, the Dora Observatory replaced the previous Songaksan Observation Post which was closed. From the observatory, visitors can overlook North Korea and its various locations including Gaeseong, Songaksan, Kim Il-Sung Statue, and Cooperation Farm (Geumamgol). The observatory offers 500 seats, VIP rooms, and abundant parking space. It was first opened to the public in January 1987.

♣ 3.Dorasan Train Station

You can get passport stamp and take picture with soldiers.

a railroad station situated on the Gyeongui Line, which once connected North and South Korea and has now been restored. For several years the northernmost stop on the line was Dorasan Station, which is served by Tonggeun commuter trains.

On December 11, 2007, freight trains began traveling north past Dorasan Station into North Korea, taking materials to the Kaesong Industrial Region, and returning with finished goods. It was scheduled to make one 16-kilometer (9.9 mi) trip every weekday.

However, on December 1, 2008, the North Korean government closed the border crossing, after accusing South Korea of a confrontational policy.This coincided with the South Korean legislative election, 2008, and a change to a more conservative government.

Plans to begin regular passenger service across the Imjin River to North Korea have yet to be finalized. However, a tourist visit in January 2010 showed clearly that the station was completely shut to all train travel, and that the station was only open for tourists.

♣ 4.Tongil-chon Unification Village

– Souvenir shop, Tongilchon is in the northern area of the Civilian Control Line and has 133 families and a total of 493 residents. There is an agricultural marketing center here sells local farm produce. The market sells some interesting products and is a very popular stop on the tours, especially because you can purchase Ginseng at much more reasonable prices. Some of the local products sold in the market are uncurdled Jangdan bean curd (sundubu), seasoned mountain herbs, traditional liquors, and maeuntang (hot soup). Because this area restricts civilian access, visitors must participate in the DMZ Peace & Security Tourist Program (implemented by Paju) to visit the observatory. Conducted by a shuttle bus, either from Imjingak Resort or Dorasan Station, it goes through the Dora Observatory, 3rd Underground Tunnel, Dorasan Station, and Unification Village. Visitors must carry passports, which are examined at the checkpoint just beyond Unification Bridge.




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