10 Reasons why winter hiking is must-to-do

Winter wonderland
Gorgeous view of snow blanket world

♣ 10 Reasons why winter hiking is must-to-do
1. snow flowers : at mountain, the wind is cold enough to make snow frozen on the branch and it’s snow covered white tree and the white tree is so-called snow flowers!
2. crunchy crunchy snow makes beautiful sounds
3. Only in winter time, snow slopes is naturally on descending! it needs a plastic bag to slide down just 10 minutes instead of walking carefully for 1 hour! Even if you don’t have one, don’t worry. Butt sliding is what you do to have fun!
4. all the leaves gone, from the beginning of hiking, it allowes to see beautiful snow covered layers of mountains.
5. town is aching myserable cold wind, hiking in mountain is so warm.
6. snow covered trails is soft enough to give a cousion on your knee
7. Ice on valley, icicles on the rock are gorgeous, so pretty!
8. Snow ballfighting, snow man building are only winter thing,especially in mountain
9. All the stew,tea, coffee taste just magical in winter,yum!
10. Winter is the happiest time ever to overcome the fear of cold!

♣ How cold in mountain
feeling cold in seoul,grey concrete city?
While hiking snowy mountain,
if you don’t get sweat,you’d probably invisible man or snowman? haha
Seriously? wear layers of clothings to take off when you get sweat! just make it sure to wear 2 jackets(warmer + wind proof) is better than 1 single thick jacket. whenever you feel warm ,zip open, take off hat and take off gloves not to get sweat and wet. Whenever you feel cold put extra layer.


♣ isn’t it slippery?
Hiking on the snow-paved trails is much more smooth and good to your knee.It’s all russelled and hardened snow,so it’s much feel comfortable and easy to walk!
Seriously? snow covered concrete in city is killing people. walking on snow on the dirt trails with crampons is not slippery!
Some trails are shady ,snow melted and froze to ice. Trails close to river are more icy.

♣ CRAMPONS rental
deposit 5K won,5K won will be refunded afte you return crampons. However,when someone lose a crampon or crampons or break them, the deposit will not be refunded.
At the head of trail in Seoul there are many shops you can get a pair of crampons, price range 7Kwon(simple 4 ~6 spikes with straps), 25K won (several spikes with wearable rubber strap)

♣ Flask(thermo) which can contain hot water, coffee and tea will be great
on winter hike, tasting hot drinks in mountain while hiking is the taste of heaven of happiness!

Seoraksan National Park In 3 Types Trails (Daytrip or Overnight in shelter)
Sliding trails on butt!

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