Seoraksan Hiking

– when typeB or C finish hiking at Sogongwon which has cable car, big budda statue,Sinheungsa temple. From the main ticketing gate, to walk to hostel takes 40minutes along the road.
GATE-> straight down till Seoraksan Information Center -> keep walking and pass the BRIDGE, and then hostel town.-> keep walk COUPLE OF MINUTES TO SIGN along the road until you can see this sign.

– there is local bus right in front of ticket gate, 7,7-1, couple of stops, you can get off “설악동C지구상가” seorakdong C jigu sangga and it’s right in front of SYDNEY HOSTEL.


Type A : pass through the gate of Sinheungsa temple which charge 3,500 won for the Cultural Heritage Museum. And there is a teashop&souvenirshop right next to the Big Budda is for free to taste tea.


TYPE B : Osaek yaksu(Namseorak visitor center) -> Daecheong peak -> Jungcheong shelter -> Huiungak shelter -> (a fork) to Yangpok shelter to valley, or Gongryongneungseon(dino ridge).

TYPE C : must leave the Huiungak shelter at least 10AM(not 11AM), and also it needs to be prepared with 2liter water, snacks.


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