June,17~18 Mysterious Ulleungdo Island,Dokdo Island(Optional)

Hi~! all!
we will take you to the Ulleungdo, the most exotic island with the jurassic park or avatar atmosphere with crystal clear and turquios blue water!

We pick up at diverse places at Friday night and go straight to the beach close to harbor, some crash in motel or some just lie down on the sands and waiting for sunrise! grab some breakfast then take the ferry to Ulleungdo, check-in our pension! Our pension is located in the most developed town in Ulleungdo and the right beginning of the famous amazing seacoast trail with spiral stairs and light house!

Interested in seeing an island that was made from a series of volcanic eruptions? Then come explore Ulleungdo Island (울릉도) with us!

There are only two volcanic islands in Korea: Jejeudo Island and Ulleungo Island. Jeju is fantastic and beautiful and the natural scenery itself of Ulleungdo is like a jurassic park or avatar, just the most spectacular,the most stunning, and the clearest water even to see 10 meter deep below water! jaw-dropping sceneries at every coasts!

It is refered as the “10-best-secret-islands-around-the-world”

“An extinct volcano some 135km east of the Korean peninsula, Ulleungdo today is mainly a fishing town that sees enough tourism to warrant a sprinkle of hotels and restaurants, but there’s none of the neon clutter that chara¬cterises so many other tourist areas. At night the brightest lights are the lamps on the squid boats and the lighthouses. In the rainy season the green hues are even more vivid, saturating the hills like an overtoned colour photograph. In autumn, the hills are a patchwork of reds, greens and yellows from the turning leaves.”
: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/south-korea/gyeongsangbuk-do/ulleungdo#ixzz2gXMO0nSN

Seoul Hiking Group will explore the unbeaten paths that Ulleungo has to offer. We won’t waste our time waiting in long line-ups or visiting crowded spots.

One of the benefits of travelling with the Seoul Hiking Group is, we know where the best secret place to jump in water and where the local food is and how/where to hike up and the trail information!
Local tasty dishes : sweet pumpkin pie,best pumpkin makgeolri! , fresh seafood and beef! (There will also be vegetarian friendly dishes)

In June,This is the most perfect time to visit as it’s warm enough to swim and void the holiday traffice ,so don’t miss this amazing trip~
Spread the word~

♣ How to Join
Important! This trip is limited! There are ONLY 40 spots available. So, please be sure to hurry and book a spot with us.
– First wired first confirmed!

(1) Please wire in advance 218,000won (Kookmin Bank)
Account number: 762301-04-223562 김승일(Seoul Hiking)

218,000won includes
: round bus transportation to the East Sea
: round ferry
: 1 day in accomodation
: Meals (2 breakfast, dinner, hiking snacks)
: 235,000won if you pay on the day of and in person.
: 188,000won meeting at the harbor without trasportation
: PAYPAL 215USD to seoulhiking@gmail.com
– Only FULL when the title says “FULL”

Please,wire money in advance to help me to organise trip.In springtime, it’s difficult to book,everything sells out very fast.

please, don’t miss it~!
[early bird discount] choose your options
A. minus 10K won, ₩208,000: now ~ May,19th,Fri
B. minus 5K won, ₩213,000: ~ June,2nd,Fri
*It will be selling out.please, wire in advance to book for your spots~! thanks~!

(3).After wiring funds,we need information,SIMPLY copy & modify it on the WALL
♣ Important to copy and modify the following in the event wall: OR email your details to: seoulhiking@gmail.com

——copy & modify–>
1).TITLE: Most Mysterious Ulleungdo Island ,Dokdo Island
2).FULL NAME (on the ARC or Passport ),Phone number, birthday(year,month,date),gender
3).BUS DISCOUNT : for those who came to BUS trip AT LEAST
1~2times:-₩2,000 won, 3~4times:-₩4k /
5~6times : -₩6k / 7~8 :-₩8k / 9~10 :- ₩10k
11~20 :- ₩12k / 21~30 :- ₩14k, more than 30 time : – 16,000won
4).SUM OF FEE : basic fee – early bird – bus discount + Option for room
6).where you take the bus at : (choose yours and delete the rest.thanks)
1050PM:Hapjeong 11PM Sinyongsan stn,1120 Express bus terminal,1140 Jamsil)
7) Please,INCLUDE to the fee when you wire money!
A. private room – request to seoulhiking@gmail.com
B. Dokdo tour : extra 52,000won (normal 55k won)
——copy & modify–>


[♣Tentative Itinerary]
– the harbor and the time of ferry might be changeable due to weather. So, please check if there is an update information with the event
Pickup at diverse places

Arrival at beach near harbor . 3AM
Saturday morning, we will arrive at beach (on the eastern coast of the peninsula). Here, you will get a view of the beautiful beach! and stay couple of hours till the boarding time to ferry.

-During this time, you have 3 options:
1.) Motel with 4 people (additional 10,000won each)
2) you can shut eyes in Jjimjilbang.(additional 10,000won)
3) You can stay on the beach with rolling on your mat and see the sunrise!
-Go for a leisurely walk to catch the sunrise from the East Sea.
-Cold water dipping!

[♣Saturday ] Discover East to South of Ulleungdo
, then hike up the summit from the South and north of island

[8:00 AM] Board ferry.
– I will supply medicine for those that get sea sick!

[12PM] Arrive at Sadong port of Ulleungdo.
-drop off belongings at pension.pension owner will pick up bags by van.

-Take a walk to the most beautiful seacoast and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
– [Dodong port] -> 30min -> along the Haeng-nam lighthouse surreal seacoast walking ->30 min -> Back to Dodong

[2:30PM] Hiking or optional bus tour in the islands

[Hiking trails] Finishes at approx. 7:30PM ,probably stunning sunset!
(East South -> North, crossing the island) 13km (10miles)
To get to the hiking trail by bus its approx. 1 hour -> half way of Seonginbong -> 1 hour -> Seonginbong (Top) -> 1 hour -> Untouched forest -> 1hour -> Narabunji basin -> camping lot -> 1 hour -> Cheonji -> bus to pension, arrive at approx. 8:00PM.

[optional bus tour] take you to the circular bus stop and you can visit anywhere you want. each ride of bus would cost 2,000won or so.

-Find restaurants in town all together.

[♣ Sunday]
you can walk or take a short ride on bus to some of places for couple of hours.
1. Dongrae waterfall – bus or walk in 30 minutes.
2. snorkeling – couple of hours, 30K won
3. sunrise at Dokdo-view observatory and go jumping into water

[Dokdo Island Tour]
This is the last island east of Korea and is a part of Ulleungdo. It takes an additional 3 hours for a round-trip ferry to and from Ulleungdo.
Dokdo was formed much earlier than Ulleungdo. According to Korea’s history, Dokdo belongs to Korea. However, there has been great dispute with Japan over the ownership of this island…
There are 2 islands that are worth checking out. You can enjoy touring around both islands for roughly 30 minutues.

♣ Dokdo Trip: 2 departure times for Dokdo from Ulleungdo (3 hours) Saturday@2PM & Sunday @730AM. due to weather, it might be changeable!
[12PM] move to ferry terminal
[13: PM] Dodong Terminal,ferry to mainland
[16: PM] departs for Seoul
[20:30 PM] arrive at approx.
Get off at Gangbyeon station,Dongseoul bus terminal (line2), Hapjeong station.

[refund rule]

CLICK below TO REQUEST REFUND -> the timestamp on the request form says the date and time you request the rufund.

– Now~ 7days : fee is 20,000won. You can also save the money for the credit of future trip, then ZERO cancellation fee.

* (7days)168 hours ~48 Hours before departure : fee 80,000won
* 48 hours ~24Hours before departure : 120k won fee
* 24 hours before departure : you can use 30,000won as a credit for the future trip.or you can get back 20,000won to your bank account.


Have a nice day~!

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