Sobaeksan National Park


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TITLE : Sobaeksan National Park,wonderful snow wonder world,The Reminiscence Of Swiss Alps

[Always 2 types hiking, 4Hour/10km, 7Hour/16KM long hike]

Hi~! all! We’ll take you to the wonderful snow wonder world~! Sobaeksan National Park!

snow-capped mountain!
making snow-man!
making snow-angel!
magical silver snow field! find a hill to enjoy nature slope!
Hiking in snowy mountain is so beautiful and to open eyes to see them is just to make you feel wonderful,under the icy bluish white sky the snow is reflecting like an cubic stone in mountain!
Let’s enjoy crunchy,crunchy snow hiking!

[♣ Sobaeksan] the Reminiscence Of Swiss Alps
The bus will take you to the ridges almost 700meter high,so there is no steep hill at all.
we all just follow the trails to the peak, we can find the shapes of earth,jupiter,saturn of solar system as this mountain has the first modern star observatory on the top. The beautiful snowy ridges,stunning panoramic view is just like the hike to snowy swiss!
[Always 2 types hiking, easy hike] long as you want and get back to bus/
B.acrossing hike!(14km/5~6hour)
* Depending on how much snowed, the trail might be changed for safety!

10 Reasons why winter hiking is must-to-do
1. snow flowers : at mountain, the wind is cold enough to make snow frozen on the branch and it’s snow covered white tree and the white tree is so-called snow flowers!
2. crunchy crunchy snow makes beautiful sounds
3. Only in winter time, snow slopes is naturally on descending
! it needs a plastic bag to slide down just 10 minutes instead of walking carefully for 1 hour!
4. all the leaves gone, from the beginning of hiking, it allowes to see beautiful snow covered layers of mountains.
5. town is aching myserable cold wind, hiking in mountain is so warm.
6. snow covered trails is soft enough to give a cousion on your knee
7. Ice on valley, icicles on the rock are beautiful
8. Snow ballfighting, snow man building are only winter thing,especially in mountain
9. All the stew,tea, coffee taste just magical in winter,yum!
10. Winter is the happiest time ever to overcome the fear of cold!

[♣ How cold in mountain]
feeling cold in seoul,grey city?
While hiking snowy mountain,
if you don’t get sweat,you’d probably invisible man or snowman? haha
Seriously? wear layers of clothings to take off when you get sweat! just make it sure to wear 2 jackets(warmer + wind proof) is better than 1 single thick jacket. whenever you feel warm ,zip open. Whenever you feel cold have extra layer.

[♣ isn’t it slippery?] crampons-detachable spikes will be prepared for everyone! enjoy the nature as it is.
Hiking on the snow-paved trails is much more smooth and good to your knee.It’s all russelled and hardened snow,so it’s much feel comfortable and easy to walk!
Seriously? snow covered concrete in city is killing people. walking on snow on the dirt trails with crampons is not slippery!

[♣ CRAMPONS rental]
deposit 5K won,5K won will be refunded afte you return crampons. However,when someone lose a crampon or crampons or break them, the deposit will not be refunded.

[Be prepared with]
1. extra layer of clothings(gimo,fleece,wool),
2. pack in 20 liter(eastpak size),snacks while hiking!
3. Warm tea,warm coffee, instant coffee,meal with hot water with thermo is so great, taste of heaven!
4.We prepare stove and burner to boil water! bring your own water and coffee!
5. you can leave stuff on the bus, bus is secure.

♣ How to Join

– We have always spots except when title says “FULL”.so,Don’t worry to join and request a spot.

– Important! This trip is limited to the first 42 people, so please,hurry to sign up! FIRST WIRED, FIRST CONFIRMED~!

-To book, to get updated information,Join Seoul hiking Group and RSVP for this trip,thanks
1) Join Seoul Hiking Group then RSVP on the event.
2) please,wire in advance(32,000won) to hold a spot for you\
– the fee is including chartered bus, fee to driver, toll fee,trip leader.
-kookmin bank,762301-04-223562 김승일(Seoul Hiking))
-[45,000won] pay face to face on the day only if spots available.

– paypal 32USD to paypal service fee, exchange fee)

– Early Discount minus 3,000won,~Fri,Dec,1st
minus 2,000won,~Fri,Dec,8th

3) please,post it on the wall or email to

♣——copy & modify–start–>

1).TITLE: Dec,17th,Wonderful Snow World! Sobaeksan National Park,The Reminiscence Of Swiss Alps
3).BUS DISCOUNT : for those who came to BUS trip AT LEAST
1~2times:-₩1,000 / 3~4times:-₩2,000 / 5times more : -₩3,000
4).SUM OF FEE : basic fee – early bird – bus discount
6).BUS STOP(choose one) : Hapjeong/Sinyongsan stn/Express bus terminal/Jukjeon)

♣——copy & modify–finish–>


You can go to any bank and ask banker that you need to transfer money to “kookmin bank,762301-04-223562 김승일(Seoul Hiking) “.You can use also ATM machine with card or you CAN ASK to your co-workers and friends.

♣ BUS PICKUP : Bus does not wait for the late as the bus has itinerary for next place.

Please,come 20 minutes early to drop by toilet,say hello to others,buy snacks!


when you are running late for the Hapjeong pickup,then you need to go Express Bus Terminal station for the 735AM pickup.thanks

[7AM:Hapjeong out exit8,(come out of exit9, across to SK Gas station)

720AM:Sinyongsan stn(신용산역),exit2(from Yongsan stn, walk to main street)

735AM:Express bus terminal(고속터미널역),out of exit8

755AM: Dongcheon station in Jukjeon
Map of pickup for the firsttimers

[♣ Itinerary]

10AM hiking trails, details of hiking trails will be informed again!

4PM finish hiking,

find a place to have dinner together!

Bibimbap,Pajeon, Beef stew with Makgeolri!

Getting back to Seoul around 7PM depending on traffic.


[ ♣Refund Policy]


In order to get a refund you must include the following: Bank information, trip name, bank name, account number and how much you wired.

* There is a 5,000won cancellation fee for those that cancel 3 days prior to the trip. You do however, have the option to save the money for credit for future trips (avoid the cancellation fee!)


-For those that cancel 48-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for a 50% refund or 50%+3,000won to have a credit for future trip

-For those that cancel 24 hours before departure you may use 10,000won as credit towards future trips. OR 13,000won to have a credit for future trip

*IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund.

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