Salt Farm, 1004 islands, Jeungdo Island

Sinan province, South Jeolla province in korea has 1004 islands , so-called ,Cheonsa,천사

as the 1004 in korean is read as Cheonsa,meaning as angel!

We stayed in a pension at the beautiful seacoast of Ujeon island(우전해수욕장).

Jeungdo island is so quiet and peaceful at night as there is no noisy bar or club at the beach as it’s designated “Slowcity” which the city keeps the environmental circumstances as it is. At night, there are lots of stars we are missing from the mega city and lots of animal’s sound such as frogs,birds and cows.

The next day, it’s the main event of our activities on Sunday, we visited the salt farm “Taepyeongyeomjeon 태평염전” which is the largest salt field and the island has the best salt of all Korea,

We visited the well-informed Salt Museum then head to the salt farm.

After brief introduction about salt making, we changed our shoes to boots to protect the salt field, and then we start to harvest salt with shovels. We tried to put in the basket to carry and step on the machine which move salt water from resorvoir to field.





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